Water Slides For Sale

Here we offer over 70 different styles of water slides for sale. Slides are a must have for anyone who rents or just plain loves moonwalks. And for those seriously into commercial wet and dry slides, Unique World Inc. is the go to manufacturer who specializes in water products. If you are considering buying a water slide or an inflatable wet/dry combo jumper, then we are the only company you should be talking to because we are the only direct manufacturer of slides who gives a 3 year warranty on ALL OF THEM! Don't believe us? Check the fine print on our competitor's websites and you'll see they might offer up to a 2 year warranty, but it's only for DRY moonwalks. For water units, most other companies offer a 6 month to maximum 1 year warranty. Now, what does that tell you about the quality of their inflatable bouncers and slides VS ours? "Things that make you go hmmm..."

Yellow Waves Water Slide Yellow Waves Water Slide™ # 2052

Size L:37' W:9' H:18'

Ocean World Water Slide Ocean World Water Slide™ # 2002

Size L:37' W:9' H:18'

The Big Blue Waves Slide The Big Blue Waves Slide™ # 2004

Size L:31' W:21' H:18'

Compact Front Load Slide Compact Front Load Slide™ # 2039

Size L:18' W:9' H:13'

Blue Wave Kids Slide Blue Wave Kids Slide™ # P2000

Size L:27' W:13' H:12'

Wavy Palms Water Slide Wavy Palms Water Slide™ # P2001

Size L:21' W:13' H:10'

Backyard Classic Slide Backyard Classic Slide™ # 2029

Size L:25' W:12' H:20'

Palm Trees Rainbow Slide Palm Trees Rainbow Slide™ # 2012

Size L:36' W:9' H:17'

20 Feet Patriot Slide 20 Feet Patriot Slide™ # 2032

Size L:25' W:12' H:20'

Front Load Compact Slide Front Load Compact Slide™ # 2084

Size L:17' W:9' H:14'

Usa Water Slide Usa Water Slide™ # 2036

Size L:33' W:10' H:17'

15 Ft Indoor Dry Slide 15 Ft Indoor Dry Slide™ # 2030

Size L:25' W:12' H:15'

Dolphin Wave Slide Dolphin Wave Slide™ # 2048

Size L:24' W:12' H:17'

Giant Slide With Slip Giant Slide With Slip™ # 2068

Size L:40' W:10' H:17'

Backyard Classic Slide 2 Backyard Classic Slide 2™ # 2028

Size L:25' W:12' H:20'

20 Feet Blue Wave Slide 20 Feet Blue Wave Slide™ # 2001

Size L:43' W:10' H:20'

Dolphin Water Slide Dolphin Water Slide™ # 2005

Size L:37' W:9' H:17'

Sea World Slide Sea World Slide™ # 2008

Size L:37' W:9' H:17'

Sea World Water Slide Sea World Water Slide™ # 2006

Size L:35' W:13' H:17'

15 Feet Slide 15 Feet Slide™ # 2075

Size L:20' W:12' H:15'

All Start Mini Slide All Start Mini Slide™ # 2037

Size L:21' W:12' H:15'

18 Foot Front Load Slide 18 Foot Front Load Slide™ # 2064

Size L:25' W:12' H:18'

16 Feet Tall Arch Slide 16 Feet Tall Arch Slide™ # 2035

Size L:30' W:9' H:16'

Rainbow Tunnel Dry Slide Rainbow Tunnel Dry Slide™ # 2067

Size L:30' W:10' H:17'

Blue Ring Water Slide Blue Ring Water Slide™ # 2009

Size L:25' W:7' H:13'

Wavy Red Water Slide Wavy Red Water Slide™ # 2033

Size L:37' W:11' H:17'

Blue Ocean Wet Dry Slide Blue Ocean Wet Dry Slide™ # 2003

Size L:38' W:9' H:18'

Martian Slide Martian Slide™ # 2058

Size L:36' W:9' H:17'

Pink Unique Dry Slide Pink Unique Dry Slide™ # 2062

Size L:27' W:9' H:16'

Castle Water Slide Castle Water Slide™ # 2071

Size L:36' W:9' H:15'

Turbo Slide Turbo Slide™ # 2098

Size L:32' W:12' H:20'

Dual Slide Dual Slide™ # 3073

Size L:31' W:13' H:16'

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